Monday, July 30, 2007

Toyota Tacoma Seats

I came across this scanned document (click for full size view) describing the available seat types for 2005-present Toyota Tacoma while ordering waterproof neoprene seat covers from

In case Tacoma owners didn't know, the passenger seat folds flat into a table with a plastic tray for tabletop, and in between the seat back and seat bottom of the passenger seat, some models have 2 metal brackets intended for holding a baby seat.

This diagram is probably hard to find and may be useful for other modifications or accessories.

Now does anyone know whether the stock stereo has an aux audio input behind the dash somewhere for my mp3 player so I don't have to take the whole dash apart to find out?

UPDATE on aux input: No, your non-premium stock stereo does not have an aux input. But it does have a plug on the back for connecting a CD changer. The USA Spec PA12TOY adapter can plug in there, and then provide you with analog RCA stereo inputs and a native iPod dock connector so you can play your music through your car stereo.

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